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Universal seven color switch power charger

After the universal charger kit of JC820 mobile phone is made, it is suitable for the charge capacity of 250 ~ 3000mA lithium ion and nickel hydrogen battery charging, the seven color lamps flicker, the color of the indicator changes in turn, gives out colorful and colorful light, and then extinguishes after saturation; the automatic identification line can be automatically identified and the battery charger output voltage is standard 4.2V. It can automatically adjust the output current to make the battery reach the best charging state. It can protect batteries and extend battery life. It is an ideal companion for mobile phones. It is suitable for school teaching. It has the advantages of high success rate, reliable circuit, small volume, light weight, high efficiency and so on. It is suitable for electronic enthusiasts to install and use.
The main technical parameter is input: AC220V50/60HZ. The card output: DC 4 - 4.2V, 200 + 80mA; output at USB interface: DC 5V, 180 + 80mA.