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Charge Discharge Managerial System

48V Charge Discharge Managerial System

  • Suitable battery type: 16 cells lithium iron phosphate battery pack
  • Suitable battery capacity: 100 ~ 400Ah
  • Maximum charging equalizing current of the module: 16 x 20A
  • Maximum discharge equalization current of module: 16 x 20A
  • DCDC conversion efficiency of single module: 85%
  • Cell temperature detection: 16 channel NTC independent sampling
  • Overcharge and discharge voltage and current valve setting: It can be set through background software
  • Rated current of battery pack charge discharge solid state relay: 120A
  • Remote client communication mode: 4G or WLAN wireless transmission
  • Client opening function: Real-time transmission of the effective capacity and working state of each cell in the current system, and access to the historical work log; The load switch can be switched on or off remotely
48V Charge Discharge Managerial System

Design principle:
*Different from the traditional passive design scheme, BM3000 system mainly adopts different active equalization strategies for different working modes of charging and discharging:
*When charging, the overall high current main charging is adopted first. When the voltage of any single battery in the system reaches the upper limit of charging protection, the main charging is cut off, and the high-efficiency built-in DCDC module is used to charge each single cell separately. The traditional battery BMS just cuts off the main charging and stops. In this way, the energy of the battery pack can be quickly replenished, and each energy-saving cell can be filled independently and evenly.
*When discharging, the strategy of "robbing the rich and helping the poor" is adopted to extract a small part of energy from the whole battery and inject it into the single cell with low capacity through the high-efficiency DCDC module. It can be understood that the output of the battery with large capacity is relatively large and the output of the battery with small capacity is relatively small, so as to realize the maximum discharge potential of the whole battery and prolong the discharge time, It will not over discharge any energy-saving cell.
Main functions of BM3000 system:
*The bm3000 48V lithium iron battery pack intelligent equalization system is dedicated to supporting services for 16 cells 48V 200ah lithium iron phosphate battery packs in 5G base stations.
*The system can make each cell in the battery pack in the best energy balance state. No matter whether the voltage or capacity of the cell is consistent with that of other cells, the system can make each cell in the best charge and discharge state, which can ensure that each cell is not overcharged and discharged, and the energy of each cell can play a role.
*The BM3000 adopts an integrated structure design, which is very simple to install and use. It supports a variety of functions, such as Internet cloud remote background management, battery status information collection, remote setting of charge and discharge parameters and so on.
*For the new battery pack, BM3000 can protect each cell from the beginning, but overcharge and discharge, significantly improve the service life of the battery, and make the whole battery reach the service life of more than 6 years.
*For applications where the consistency of each cell of the battery pack is not very good, such as the energy storage battery pack composed of echelon batteries transferred from electric vehicles, the BM3000 can play an excellent balanced management effect.