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How do we use this charger ?

Battery charger is an environmentally friendly way to use batteries, but not everyone will use this new battery charger, in fact, the use method is not difficult. So how do we use this charger?

After buying home, the first thing to do is to put the battery on the charger and start charging. Note that this is the first charge, the first charge requires us to fill the battery, must be full, otherwise it will affect the life of the battery, and then you can do your own thing. When the regulations are long and full of electricity, the battery can be removed and normal use can be started.

When using batteries, be careful to drain all the electricity in the battery. Then start the second charge, from this time on, you can love how much charge and how much charge, but it is best within the prescribed time, otherwise affect the battery life, may also cause unnecessary dangers, such as leakage of electricity, battery leakage, etc.

The use of battery chargers is actually very simple and does not require much time and effort. So people who dare not try new things can have a try. The use of disposable batteries is too harmful to the environment, and it costs too much to save energy, while the use of rechargeable batteries is different, cost-effective, and environmental protection, in line with the concept of low-carbon, is now the favorite of people who like to pursue the new wave of electronic products.

Advocating the use of disposable rechargeable batteries not only saves money, but also is convenient. It only needs people to plug in sockets while sleeping, and when they wake up, they can get full-charged batteries. They don't need to spend money at all. They only need to spend some electric fees. This step is equivalent to charging mobile phones without affecting them. Normal life.