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ORICO new USB charger and multifunction plug converter

Now the IT man has a pile of digital equipment, if each set of equipment is to be equipped with a special charger, I am afraid that the separate categories of the charger is a big job. Fortunately, most of today's digital products can be charged through the USB interface. For this reason, we only need a USB charging adapter to meet the needs of various digital devices.
Recently, ORICO, a PC peripherals manufacturer, is vigorously expanding its product line. A USB charging adapter AP5V1A has been launched, which can be used for the AC voltage input from 100V to 240V, and the output interface uses a standard USB interface, and the output specification is 5V
1A DC, built-in intelligent IC control circuit, with overcurrent, overvoltage, short circuit and other multiple protection machine, suitable for all kinds of digital equipment to charge.
For people who travel far away from the mainland, they need not only to carry a charger, but also a plug adapter that is suitable for local use. This time ORICO also launched three plug converters, which are in turn MS7055/MS7555/MS5270. The function is basically the same but the modeling is different. It can support the plug specifications of Europe, the United States, the UK, Australia and many other regions, and through the CE\FCC certification.

ORICO pushes USB charger and plug conversion if the USB adapter adapter is attached to the three plug connector, they will become a multi-functional charger with a model of MS5270-1U/MS7055-1U/MS7555-2U, of which the USB adapters on each charger can be used separately on the American style plug.