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Power adapter, why the price gap is very big.

The same is the power adapter, why the price gap is very large.

Buy power adapters online, you will find that the price gap is still very large, the same power supply products, prices can sometimes be tens of yuan difference. Why is this happening? Then where is the price difference? We will find a national standard and non-standard power supply to compare, to see the gap between the two.
The non-standard adapter is much worse in material selection and workmanship than the standard certified power supply, and the money should be saved a little bit here.

In general, a power adapter consists of a large number of electronic components, and because of potential electrical hazards, a power adapter is a closed product that does not allow the enclosure to be opened. This has led many users to measure only the wattage and the most intuitive price on the adapter's nameplate. Power adapter, this seemingly simple "plastic box" is far less simple inside than we thought. Only material can affect a power adapter 70% of the quality, and circuit design, manufacturing process and other factors also occupy a lot of proportion. In addition to rated power, its stability is the most intuitive factor affecting user experience.