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the chip help the cell phone charger to achieve "smaller volume, faster charging"

Nowadays, whether the laptop with smaller volume and weight, tablet PC or larger and larger cell phone needs smaller size and faster charging. But can effectively convert alternating current to direct current and flyback converter only needs a few elements as the preferred topology structure limits the size of the charger, power adapter development also reached a critical point, then the active clamp flyback chipset can break the limitation of volume?   
 Wu Weiqiang, director of business development at TI TI, said at a press briefing in Shenzhen. "Smart phones need not only smaller volume but also larger power chargers, and active clamp flyback can release more power in smaller space. Specifically, the active clamp flyback switching losses and reduce the elimination of EMI, in order to control the appropriate clamp, to achieve zero voltage switching (ZVS); second, can enhance the efficiency of energy leakage through the cycle and the efficiency of transfer to the output instead of dissipation to achieve higher than traditional flyback converter; switching power consumption at last you can achieve lower power density higher the higher switching frequency, the passive components are smaller. The new chipset launched by TI combines the UCC28780 active clamp flyback controller and UCC24612 synchronous rectifier controller. The working frequency is as high as 1MHz, which helps to reduce the size of the power supply of the AC/DC adapter and USB PD charger
TI high voltage product system and Application Engineering Manager John Stevens further said: "with the launch of UCC28780+UCC24612 chipset, designers can intelligently control active clamp flyback, which is not achieved by existing programs. The new active clamp flyback solution can achieve high efficient operation of up to 1MHz in the AC/DC adapter and the USB power supply charger. 1MHz is a very important indicator, which means that the size of the adapter can be reduced by 50%. Of course, TI is also the first company to launch this kind of product.
The advantages of UCC28780+UCC24612 are mainly embodied in three aspects: 1, double the power density, can provide accurate thermal design of unified power protection program, to achieve high power density and high efficiency; 2, multi mode control can achieve high efficiency, more than CoC Tier2 and DoE Level Europe America VI efficiency standards; 3, simplify the design, through the use of adaptive ZVS control functions, engineers can set easily through a combination of resistance design system. The advantage of the chipset is illustrated more intuitively by data. The chipset can reduce the occupied space by 50%, the full load efficiency is 95%, and the standby energy consumption is less than 40mW. 

 Of course, the advantages of the chipset are also inseparable from the characteristics of each chip. Among them, the UCC28780 frequency can reach 1MHz, and support GaN or Si FET at the same time. The innovation ZVS algorithm provides first-class efficiency, and has advanced protection function. It can achieve high frequency and no radiator. For why UCC28780 can do high-frequency radiator question, Mr. Wu Weiqiang said Huaqiang electronic network reporters answer: "the heat of the controller is mainly from the loss of active clamp can store energy and transmit it to the output, rather than through the resistor capacitor diode and Zener clamp in energy consumption to deal with leakage. The intelligent control clamp also provides a zero voltage switch. This eliminates the two main sources of loss, minimizes the loss and improves the efficiency by circulating leakage energy, so that high frequency no radiator can be achieved, and the size can also be greatly reduced. The UCC24612 controller Si FET supports up to 1MHz frequency, and the wide voltage operation range supports 200V. Intelligent control provides an ideal diode simulation system to achieve high performance and simplify design.
John Stevens also said: "TI is committed to providing a set of solutions from input to output to meet the needs of engineers to the maximum extent. Therefore, according to the design of more than 75W, the designer can also be paired with the chip set a new 6 pin PFC UCC28056 controller, to achieve the voltage of all lines in 10% load to achieve greater than 90% efficiency and minimum 115Vin 25mW standby power consumption, always on PFC can start instantly, reduce the number of components to the design of the system at the same time in the application of AC/DC is simple, no noise." Based on UCC28056, it can simplify system design and provide the industry's lowest standby power consumption for AC/DC applications, and it can be applied to digital TV, game desktop computers, adapters, power tools and other AC/DC applications.           
At present, engineers can use plug and play EVM evaluation design, or use the reference design of volume only 1/3, 30W/in3, 92% efficiency, 65W USB Type-C PD AC/DC adapter to start the design of high voltage system quickly. Wu Weiqiang also pointed out that the active clamp flyback chipset of TI is mainly aimed at the new market of higher power, rather than the traditional 5W or 10W products. UCC28780+UCC24612 chipset regards mobile phone application as the breakthrough point, and will expand to a broader application market in the future.

John Stevens also shared six power conversion trends and requirements, including energy efficiency, distributed and renewable energy, power density, storage and delivery of big data, automotive electrification and industrial automation. At the same time, he said, in the new trend, TI also continued to drive power design through innovative power management IC combinations. In addition to the products described above, TI recently launched the first 6A three level buck battery charger bq25910, which can reduce the size of the solution by 60% and increase the charging current by 50%. And the LMZM23601 power module with a size of only 27mm2, this product is also the industry's smallest 36V, 1A step-down solution.