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How to activate the "starved" lithium battery?

Many people have bad habits. Often people don't put their batteries on their cars at home, and the air switches don't turn off. They don't ride for months. A few months later, when riding again, it was found that the car had no electricity and could not charge. The charger plugs in, but it's always a green light, even if it's 24 hours, because the battery voltage is too low, and the charger can't charge into the battery if it's too different from the battery charger output voltage.


This is what we usually call the battery starved to death. The voltage of this battery block battery is only about 5.6V, and it will not exceed 6V. For such batteries, most of them are batteries. But it's a pity to change a battery of batteries for hundreds of times, especially the batteries that have just been guaranteed.


Here are five better ways to save most of this "starved" battery. Note that most of them are not 100%.


Series method. Another 12 volt battery with normal voltage is connected on the whole battery. For example, the original car is 48V-20AH's battery, then we connect another 12V-20AH battery. A fully charged 12V battery has a voltage of about 13V. After being connected in series, the voltage of the whole battery can be increased, and then charged with his original charger, so that the electricity can be charged in. After plugging in the charger, the charger is red light, and then the electricity can be charged in. When the charger is turned green, remove the battery that is connected in series. Then you can charge it again.


Two, parallel method. This method is a little more troublesome. For example, the vehicle turned out to be 48V-20AH's battery, and we connected a battery of 48V-20AH batteries in parallel. As we all know, the voltage of all parts of the parallel circuit is equal, and the high voltage terminal will flow into the low voltage side. This method is also used by many battery dealers to detect batteries without electricity at all. Then charging can also achieve the purpose of charging. This principle is similar to the principle of connecting a battery in series. It also raises the whole voltage.


Three, low voltage charging method. Choose a small charger to charge. For example, a battery of 60V-20AH, then we use 48V-20AH charger to recharge. In most cases, it can also be filled in. The principle is similar to the first one, which is closer to the voltage at the two ends of the battery.


Four, single battery charging method. A single cell charged with a 12-volt motorcycle charger can activate the battery, but this charge is slow, usually more than seven hours to charge, the battery voltage will slowly rise to about 12 V. If all the pieces are charged, it will take much time.


Five. Special charger method. Sky charger is an automatic battery voltage identification, no matter how many volts a battery voltage, can automatically identify the voltage, he can charge in. For example, the original car is a 60V-20AH battery, and now only 30V can not, it can still charge inside. With the increase of voltage, it is all suitable for higher order voltage, and then recharges the battery. Tai Ling, Lu Jia electric vehicle and Jin Peng tricycle have been equipped with the charger of this brand.


In addition, universal lithium battery "starved to death" how to activate? Laptop battery or cell phone battery


Battery activation is referred to as "power supply scale calibration" in Lenovo power management software. When testing the power supply on the PC side with Everest, there is a "design capacity" immediately followed by "full charge capacity", and if the values of the two items are the same, the "battery loss" term below is 0%; generally speaking, the "full charge capacity" of the battery that has just been manufactured or has not been maintained in time for a long time will be small. At the "design capacity", the battery loss is 1%. This means that the battery is not "fully charged" and we need to "fully charge and discharge" (after full discharge, uninterrupted charge for 12 hours or more) to fully "develop" the "potential" of the battery. This process of full charge and discharge is called the "activation battery," and power management software such as Lenovo Thinkpad has a similar "power calibration" function.


Personally feel that some old technology batteries such as NiMH need to be activated. Lithium battery theory needs to be intensified because the protective layer needs to form a layer of SEI on the negative electrode. But this process has actually been completed in the production test stage. Personally, consumers feel that there is such a service for the misunderstanding of batteries.


Your cell phone battery is starving. You can't turn it on, you need to activate it! First of all, starvation is the phenomenon that the battery can not be recharged when the battery has been out of power or very low. Then there are two ways to activate it: first, use the universal charge for 20 minutes to activate it. The second is to give mobile phone repair shop a slightly higher voltage professional, such as 12 volts of power to activate, specifically put the power positive and negative pole on the battery positive and negative pole for tens of seconds or even minutes to power it on, open it! Finally, after activation can be charged with the same direct charge as the original, whether it will have a significant impact on life is not known.


Charge with instrument. (If the above method does not work, the battery is also trouble-free, you need to use the `regulated power supply'activated, black wire connected to the battery negative, red connected to the battery positive, charging voltage to reach 3.8V, you can.) The first use of lithium batteries without charging 12 hours, this is not necessary!