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Company Qualification

Green Digital Power-Tech CO., LTD  engineers have dedicated to digital control power products for 13 years,specialize in the design and manufacture many types of NiMH, NiCd, Li-ion and Lead-acid battery charger and battery meter, and also is a professional in the face of high-end clients of the battery charger and battery meter .These products have high performance microprocessor technology to power your battery safely and quickly The main products are battery chargers that can be used in the Electrical-Vehicle ,wheelchair, scooters, motorcycles, RC toy, RC flight, mobile light/lamp, LED lamp and many kinds of portable electrical device. The type of chargers have NIMH NiCd charger, lithium battery charger, lead-acid battery charger, LiFePO4 battery charger and so on. all sorts of 5w to 500w power charger all have production, is one of the most professional manufacturers of battery chargers in China.

After many years experiences, Green Digital Power-Tech CO., LTD  made a super technology and rich experience of senior r&d engineers. We can develop battery chargers for NiMH, NiCd, Lead-Acid and Li-Ion batter pack. The Battery chargers and Battery Management is our produces family also.

Our quality policy is : providing high reliability of the products, to provide high satisfaction service.We are equipped with the advanced production and kind of test instruments, has the rich ROHS process production management,  to ensure that every batch of products satisfy customers. Our products have CCC UL CUL CE VDE CB PSE FC EMC  and so on. 

We can according to the specific requirements of customers, customized all kinds of non-standard products to meet the needs