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It is important to choose the high quality electric charger for electric vehicles

For electric vehicles, many people do not dare to compliment the quality of the battery. When they buy it, they can use it for 3-5 years. In fact, it is very mature for the production technology of lead-acid batteries in China. The use of electric vehicles is not long enough, and the main reason is no longer on batteries. The life of batteries is so short that they are caused by poor electric vehicle chargers.
In the market of electric vehicle battery charger, the owners of many electric vehicles are confused.
To choose the best electric vehicle charger, we should start from four aspects:
One is to choose a good charging mode. At present, the charging mode of the market charger has a positive and negative pulse mode and a three segment mode. Both the positive and negative pulses are better than those of the two.
Two we should recognize the patent products. Positive and negative pulse charger has good function of protecting battery. But this technology is not known to every manufacturer. Only some large electric vehicle charger enterprises have this technology. So now many companies that own this technology have applied for patent. So you should recognize the patent product when you buy it.
The three is to choose an electric vehicle charger that matches the battery. The charger and battery are matched and not suitable for each type, so they must be matched when buying, otherwise the battery will be easily damaged.
The four is to choose a powerful manufacturer. After finding the matching models, it is necessary to select the powerful manufacturers to purchase, so that the quality will be more secure.