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Splashpower wireless charger

The Splashpower wireless charger can be charged on a mouse pad size board for your PDA phone and other settings; There is no physical connection between the board and the device, and the power is transmitted wirelessly to the device; All devices can be charged on the same charging board at the same time. The Splashpower wireless charging device mainly consists of two parts: the SplashPad charging board and the SplashModule power receiver SplashPad charging board is a universal charging platform for mobile devices. The power source can be a universal power source such as a car power supply, power supply on the aircraft, and ordinary power supply. Therefore, charging panels can be installed at home, in cars, and on planes.
Its advantages are:
There are many options for generating inductive current to charge the size of the devices placed on the board. The plate surface can be used in various materials and styles.
The mainstream PDAs and mobile phones on the market have their shapes,