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Quick charge technology and wireless charging, which will you choose?

 For the first time, apple added fast charge technology and wireless charging on iPhone 8, and has to say that it has raised some of the users' experience. However, according to foreign media ZDNet, this new fast charging technology and wireless charging and charging mode will aggravate battery loss, so if you are ready to start, friends of iPhone 8 and iPhone X need to pay attention.

According to the ZDNet test, the number of charging cycles of the ordinary iPhone 8Plus was 91 times after four months of daily use. This is close to 1/5 if the battery is aging the "500 charge cycle" standard. That is to say, the cell phone will have a significant reduction in battery capacity about a year and a half after it is used. The main reason for this serious battery loss is the new charging mode.
One charge cycle is that the battery is completely full and completely consumed, not the number of charges! In general, a charge cycle can be achieved by multiple charging. Coupled with the battery capacity of iPhone is always "can't bear to see" (battery life is pretty common), so in the face of Android flagship 3000mAh started, and occasionally even rushed to the 4000mAh battery, it simply can not see. The small capacity of the cell phone, in addition to affecting the battery life, also means that the number of battery cycles can reach the degree of aging faster.
However, in order to ensure the rights and interests of users, apple said that during the warranty period or the validity period of Apple Care+, if the battery capacity of iPhone is not enough, the initial 80% will be able to replace batteries without charge. That is to say, if the iPhone battery is aging ahead of time, the apple will be responsible, even if it is adding fast charging and wireless charging.
As to whether it is true that it is necessary to care about the premature aging of the batteries caused by fast charging and wireless charging, the Geek's sister doesn't feel too nervous. It should be understood by friends who have used Android fast charging technology that fast charging is really significant for the use of experience, and wireless charging is similar.
Although they are more sensitive to apple because of the lower frequency gate, it is not necessary to give up new technology for a better mobile experience. Besides, the fast charging and wireless charging of the apple, it also needs to have its own pocket.          
Do you feel the aging of the battery when you use fast charging and wireless charging? Let's communicate with you.