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The matching charger can effectively charge and protect the battery and prolong the battery life.

To do this well, the life is doubled.

At present, many lead-acid battery chargers on the market are using constant current, constant voltage charging method, this way is easy to lead to polarization of the battery plate, the serious situation is that the battery life decays too fast. For power battery, there is a special charger, which can be charged in multistage. The matching charger can effectively charge and protect the battery and prolong the battery life. When choosing chargers, you can judge according to the following situations:
The appearance of the battery charger can directly see whether the manufacturer is professional. As a quality-pass manufacturer, their appearance design has its own style, generally not rough workmanship, charger surface treatment is more fine, standard label font, printed clearly. Some of the details of the charger to distinguish, capable manufacturers will pay attention to details such as: output plug stability, packaging is reasonable, etc.

Factory site visits
Before choosing a cooperative manufacturer, it is very necessary to know something about the charger manufacturer. Through the manufacturer's market share, cooperative enterprises, production scale, production process and management system, understand the scale of charger manufacturers, product quality control, service and other aspects.

Selection of intelligent multistage battery charger
When choosing a charger, choose an intelligent charger as much as possible. The general intelligent multi-stage charger is divided into five stages: pre-charging, constant current, constant voltage, trickle current and floating charge. The single-chip microcomputer is used to detect the voltage of the battery automatically. According to the voltage of the battery, the charging stage is automatically selected to charge, and the automatic shutdown after charging is completed. To ensure that the battery is full of electricity, it can prevent overcharge and avoid unnecessary damage to batteries.

Choosing suitable charger specifications
We take 12V100AH as an example. When we buy lead-acid batteries, we will provide corresponding charge-discharge curves. Lead-acid batteries generally require charging currents of 0.125C to 0.2C. In order to make the charger cost-effective and reasonable charging time, we usually choose 0.15C charging, that is to say, two batteries of 12V100AH are connected in series. At 24V100AH, the charger we choose should be 100AH * 0.15C = 15A, charger specifications should be selected 24V15A charger, charging time is about 8 hours full. If the size of the charger is too small, the charging time will be longer, if the size of the charger is too large, the battery decay will be accelerated to a certain extent.

Selection of charger curve
Each battery manufacturer has its own technical route, so the charging requirements are also different. When choosing a charger, it is necessary to tell the manufacturer what brand of battery to use. According to the charging curve provided by the battery manufacturer, choosing a fully matched charging and discharging curve can prolong the battery life and charging curve. Mismatch can cause battery life to decay too fast or for a short time.
In addition, the two kinds of batteries with different curves should not be mixed. The highest charging voltage of the liquid-filled battery is higher than that of the maintenance-free battery. The pool can not be full of 100%, and it will decay as long as the battery is not full.

According to the above summary, we can basically choose the right charger, in the choice of charger, remember to choose professional, formal, industry qualified manufacturers. Don't crave for the slightest immediate cost-benefit, resulting in greater losses later, if the quality of the charger is unreliable round-trip express charges are more than that, not to mention other losses.