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Li-ion charger being innovated

Now the lithium battery chargers can be said to be diverse, not only in the appearance of different chargers, some of the actual use of chargers can also constantly bring me surprises. We should know that the chargers are generally universal now, which saves us the trouble of carrying many charges when we go out, and then we need to mark the corresponding battery model. Generally speaking, a common battery charger supports two types of batteries of the same brand. For example, the most popular product is that it can switch different interfaces by rotating the base.

This design is quite convenient for consumers who own different models of mobile phones under the same brand. When using a lithium battery charger like this, we don't need to worry about whether our interface is chosen correctly or not. If it's not correct, it can't be used at all. In addition to two-in-one charging, we can also see that many people's chargers now have multiple interfaces. This design is not aimed at consumers who own the same brand of products.

He pointed out that many people need to take more than one device to go out, but because battery charger and ordinary data line charger are mixed together more troublesome, so put the data line interface and lithium battery charger together, so that we can charge two at a time when we use them. The equipment is powered up. This can also leave a socket, which is convenient for other devices. Generally speaking, no matter how the design of charger changes, it is actually improving the performance of these devices, and striving to bring consumers with better service and more convenient life.