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How to determine and select domestic electric vehicle charger and battery pack matching method

How can you choose a good battery charger?       


 1. the charger shell should be solid, the power cord should be thick, and the plugs should be thick.           

2. relevant quality certification, such as 3C, Quality Supervision Bureau's inspection number, etc.           

3. look at the name of the charger, the way of contact, the date of manufacture, and so on.           

If the above conditions are consistent, then the charger can basically buy at ease.           

Secondly, choose a charger that matches the battery parameters of your car.           

1., choose the appropriate electrical parameters, 36V or 48V, 12AH or 20AH.           

2. to clear the type of batteries used by their cars, now more than 90% of the electric cars on the market are all lead-acid batteries. Compared with other types of batteries (such as lithium batteries), although the electrical parameters may be the same, different batteries use different charger and can not be used.           

3. be clear about the properties of the electric car charger output. Look at the electric car battery charging interface is circular or character shaped, because the output plug out of the positive and negative poles of the direct current, because of different battery charger manufacturers, some type plug positive and negative poles are very different. But it doesn't matter. A very simple way is to take a multimeter to measure the battery charging interface of the electric car and find out which is the negative pole. As long as the electric charger output is in accordance with the electric car charging socket, the positive pole of the output is corresponding to the positive pole of the electric car charging interface and the negative output. A negative pole that corresponds to the charging interface of an electric vehicle must not be reversed, or it will damage the charger and battery.           

Then, after choosing a corresponding charger, how to maintain it?           

1. when using the charger to charge the battery, plugged in the charger's output plug first and then plug it into the plug. When charging, the charger's power indicator lights are red, and the charging indicator is also red. After full, the charging indicator is green. When you stop charging, please unplug the charger input plug and pull the plug of the charger.           

2. the charger should be moisture-proof and damp proof during its use, so it should be placed in a well ventilated area. The charger has a certain temperature rise when working. Please pay attention to the heat dissipation. Usually the charging time is within 7-8 hours, depending on the battery usage state.           

3. the charger is a more sophisticated electronic device, so we should pay attention to vibration prevention in use. Try not to carry it with you. If you do, you should pack the charger with shock absorbing material and place it on the vehicle toolbox.