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Apple Green Point Charger

In recent years, as Apple's products have become very popular, many fruit fans have bought their own love machines for a period of time. Inevitably, some accessories have problems. Although there are accessories on the official website, the price is too bad. A small green dot charger costs more than 190 RMB. So many friends will choose some shopping websites or mobile phone stores to buy. As we all know, there are also some stores selling chargers on the Internet, many of which are sold in imitation of the original, the quality of imitation is also uneven, and even many are not charging standards, resulting in the painful consequences of damaged people.
Below, let the small editor bring you how to identify the Apple green dot charger.


1 Judging from appearance:
The original charger plastic case looks very natural color; The touch is very smooth; The angle of the electric appliance is also treated with a round angle; The text on the head is also very clear; The green spot is also very clear and natural; The pin work is also very beautiful; The gaps in the interface are also relatively small and more regular; The data lines are stable and bite closely; The corners of the mouth connected to the data line are also processed in rounded corners.
The imitation charger plastic shell either looks darker or has a bright feeling. The feel is rough, the rounded corners are not very perfect, the text on the plug is vague, and the green point is darker. The gap in the interface is also relatively large; The pin workmanship is rough, and uneven can be clearly seen at the front of the plug; The connection to the data line is either very loose or tight, and the imitation plug is relatively shallow, and the interface of the data line can be exposed; The port connecting the data lines was not processed at the original angle.


2 Can be identified from the inside of the charge head
The original can be seen from the shrapnel of the USB interface, the triangle of the shrapnel of the real USB interface, so as to ensure the stability of the connection with the data line, and the data line can not be firmly stuck; Strip off the charger's shell and you will find that the resistance parts of the green circuit board inside are very precise and dense. Green dot chargers can only charge Apple's products, not other brands.
The shrapnel of the imitation USB interface is square, and the interface is relatively shallow. After the data line is connected, it is usually loose, and it will fall from the charger

for no reason. If you peel open the shell, you will see that there are very few parts of the green circuit board inside, and there are only a few pimples coming and going. You may as well use the USB interface data cable to connect to other brands of mobile phones or MP3 or something, if the charging is definitely imitation,
True and false contrast:



3 Identification from encoding
Each green dot charger has the only code in the world, and each charger has a separate bar code seal pocket, which is a two-code combination. These codes can be consulted through Apple's official website. Be careful if you buy a charger that doesn't check the code or if it's too long from the factory.
Imitation also has coding, but it can also achieve the so-called two-code Unity, but each time it makes a batch of imitation goods, the encoding is the same or serial number. When querying through Apple's official website, it usually appears that the code can not be found or the code has been checked.

4 Weight
The original plastic shell is relatively close, and there are more electronic components inside, so it is relatively heavy. When you buy it, you may as well take a more sophisticated electronic scale with your bad ones. The general error will not exceed 2 grams. of.
The imitation plastic density is relatively small, and the electronic originals inside are also relatively small. In general, it is lighter than the original. Be careful when you use an electronic scale to count more than 3 grams with the original.
To sum up, if you buy a product that meets these conditions, congratulations, you bought 99 % of the original loading. There is also 1 % is a small editor I never doubt the Shanzhai technology of the people of the sky, the appearance is easy to imitate, the interior can also be copied, bar codes are floating clouds, let alone weight. When you buy products that can not be identified through these four methods, you do not grieve, do not be angry, and more than sigh at the strength of the people of heaven!