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Simple way to use electric vehicle batteries for several years

China now has more and more vehicles, according to statistics, China's car ownership has reached 400 million, so many cars to the traffic environment has brought great pressure, especially when commuting, road congestion is more common. So many people do not choose to drive at work, but to buy an electric car to walk in place, because the small size of electric cars can be very good to avoid traffic jams, so deeply loved by the majority of consumers.
But electric vehicles also have a big problem, that is, battery endurance problem, the battery car in general after a period of time to buy and use, the endurance will be greatly reduced, or can not be filled into the phenomenon of electricity, then in general, at this time it is necessary to change the battery, but the cost of changing a battery set. Very high, so now there are some ways to solve this problem, and only a few dollars, can be used for three more years, no problem.
1, charger
In life, we charge because bad charging habits can lead to battery life will be greatly reduced. We all know that only chemicals in the battery can store electricity in the battery by charging and discharging these chemicals. Bad charging habits can lead to sulfurization of the chemicals inside the battery. This will greatly reduce the battery's endurance. If this happens, you need to use it. Small current charger charged, generally this current to be constant in about 1 ampere, and charge time can not be less than four hours, so that the battery can eliminate the sulfur phenomenon inside, so that battery life increased. Never use a high current battery charger. If the current is too large, it will explode easily.
2. Electrolyte
Another is the lack of electrolyte inside the battery, which can be removed from the battery's helmet, and then injected into the syringe battery electrolyte, after the completion of half an hour, recharged again with a small current, so that the battery can be used for a period of time.
3. Distilled water
Some batteries'endurance is weakened because there is insufficient distilled water in the battery, which can be recharged and discharged by adding distilled water to the battery as well as replacing the electrolyte.