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Faster batteries may cost more.

All companies are constantly looking for cost savings, but when they buy forklift trucks, electric cars and sweepers, they may initially buy at the lowest price but may pay more in the long run.

When battery engineers design traction batteries and battery chargers, they may be influenced by their suppliers, and they may design a battery for practical, inexpensive use and a basic charger, which will inevitably lead to higher fuel costs and shorter battery life.


The importance of charger and battery pairing is often overlooked by many customers in order to achieve the lowest price for equipment. Therefore, chargers and batteries are best made from the same manufacturer to maximize the life and efficiency of the device.

The problem of poor batteries is that the quality and capacity of lead contained in it are low. As a result, this will lead to a decrease in the charge generated by the accelerated use of the battery, which will eventually lead to a decrease in the entire life cycle.

Low-cost batteries are not only prone to accidents and react badly to excessive charging, but also lead to a decline in battery capacity. Often repeated, that means replacing the battery to avoid too little power output and affecting the normal use of the car.