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Nan Fu battery unveiled the 2018 Asia CES consumer electronics show.

This year's Asian CES consumer electronics show was successfully carried out at the New International Expo Center in Shanghai. The Asian consumer electronics show has brought together Asia's most innovative enterprises and the most influential brands. Compared to the Las Vegas CES far away from a million miles, the Asian consumer electronics show has given the people more recent experience in the latest technological products. The opportunity. The three day consumer electronics show has drawn from more than 80 countries and regions, more than 500 exhibitors and groups to witness the breakthrough and cutting edge scientific and technological achievements of the consumer electronics industry. As a leading power company, Nan Fu also unveiled the latest product with its own research and development.


As one of the 5 largest alkaline battery charger manufacturers in the world, South Fu has been in the forefront of the world in the field of alkaline batteries. At the same time, Nan Fu is also a leading enterprise in China's battery industry. It has been the first sales of alkaline batteries in China for 27 consecutive years. After returning to China in the alkaline battery field, after returning to China in 2014, it follows the trend of market development, keeps pace with the times, and begins to broaden its own industry field. From the battery field of the past, it has begun to transform to a larger power supply field, and has introduced lipstick charge treasure, notebook charging treasure, car rechargeable treasure, wireless charging. Many civilian power products, such as Bao, outdoor power supply, wireless charger, and so on, have been praised by many users.


At the Asia CES consumer electronics show, South Fu almost exhibited all the research and development results after the transformation, such as the special battery suitable for various use scenes, the lipstick with the appearance of lipstick, and the various types of mobile phone radio chargers. In particular, mobile phone charger, Nan Fu first launched a new generation of unique thin wireless charger, the appearance of a very classic black vinyl album. This black vinyl album is thin and wireless, full of RETRO art and creative integration of future technology and RETRO art. This kind of black glue has been sought after the visitors, not only because of its high color, but also because it has two big heat dissipation technology, the first is the use of Air-thin thin technology, the overall thickness is only 5mm, specially made thin coil and capacitance, better heat dissipation, second is the use of reverse heat conduction, bottom heat dissipation, use Two thermal conductive silica gel, connected with an integrated aluminum alloy base, the frame innovated the reverse heat conduction channel, the heat was quickly dispersed from the bottom, and the charge surface of the mobile phone was not hot.

Now many companies only rely on working and selling products, they can make a full bowl and do not do R & D at all, but South Fu knows that no research and development, the lack of core technology enterprises are not long-term, so we always pay attention to the integration of research and development and production and sales. Nan Fu not only has its own production plant, but also has its own R & D team. In order to enable consumers to have better products and experience, Nan Fu invested heavily in R & D. For the research and development of the R & D wireless charger, in fact, in fact, South Fu from the R & D of its first wireless charge in particular focus on heat dissipation, and set up a special R & D department, has been tackling the heat dissipation problem of mobile phone charger, and launched several radiating black science and technology wireless charger, and won the consumer's unanimous praise.
At present, the battery has already owned the national technology center and post doctoral research station, and set up a number of new energy research centers in cooperation with the national key universities and the Chinese Academy of Sciences. It has formed an advanced research and innovation mechanism, and has become one of the most powerful enterprises in the field of civil power supply in China. Nan Fu battery is committed to providing users with advanced technology and the ultimate experience of power products and services.
The Asia CES consumer electronics show is the first exhibition of the world class exhibition after the transformation of South Fu. It has won praise from the professional participants and the ordinary consumers. It is not a chance. It is a step by step, insisting on the integration of R & D, production and sales, and firmly grasping the core technology. It's just the skill. In the future, Nan Fu will learn from this successful experience and continue to bring more high-quality power products to consumers. Let's wait and see.