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G1200-240360 High Power Adapter, Suit for IT、Home appliances、Machine room

  • Specification
  • Input:
  • Charge Process:
  • Charger Indicator:
  • Safety Approval: CE
  • Size: 265X134X60MM/2.1Kg
  • Industry: IT, Household appliances, Machine room power supply
G1200-240360 High Power Adapter, Suit for IT、Home appliances、Machine room

G1200-24036024V 36APower Adapter

Item Specification Remark
Rating input voltage   100~240Vac  50/60Hz  
Input voltage range  90~264Vac   
Rating input current  13Arms  Input:100VAC    Output:Full load
Power factor PF>0.98 Input:115VAC    Output:Full load
PF>0.94 Input:230VAC    Output:Full load
Efficiency 87.0% Input:115VAC    Output:Full load
89.0% Input:230VAC   Output:Full load
Standby power 15W Input:115VAC&230VAC    
Inrush current 50A/115VAC   80A/230VAC Cold-start and 25,Full-load
Output voltage 24V   
Output current range 0-36A  
Rated maximum power 864W  
Voltage tolerance ±5%  
Voltage regulation  ±1%  
Load regulation ±5%  
Start-up time 2000ms  Input:115VAC    Output:Full load
Rise time 20ms  Input:115VAC    Output:Full load
Hold time 20ms  Input:115VAC    Output:Full load
LCD Display current,voltage  
Ripple voltage 240mV 20MHz ,AC coupling mode, connected in parallel with 0.1uf ceramic capacitor and 47uf electrolytic capacitor
OCP   The internal relay turns off automatically  
OVP The internal relay turns off automatically  
SCP The internal relay turns off automatically  
OTP Close the output and automatically recover after the temperature is normal  
Operate temperature  -10 ~ +40  
Operate humidity < +90% Relative humidity
Storage temperature  -40 ~ +70  
Storage humidity 0 ~ +95% Relative humidity
Cooling Fan  
Vibration resistance 5MM/50HZ/600S Non-operating condition
Weight 2.1Kg  
Size 265X134X60MM Casing only
Connector Refer to order  
Max. temperature rise < 40 on casing  
Safety approval EN60950(LVD) ,EN55032(EMC)  
MTBF 30000H  
ESD 8.0KV  
Hi-Pot Insulation i/p to o/p: 3000V (1 min)